Sauder Bros. Concrete, Inc., leading concrete contractors, are located in Lancaster County, PA.  For over 65 years, we have been offering innovative, distinctive and unique concrete designs!  Here at SBC, we have been developing our trade in all types of work including residential and commercial with a special emphasis on decorative concrete.  Sauder Bros. has grown our outreach to serve Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware States!

If you are looking for great quality work, professional and timely service that is on budget, then SBC are the team you need to help you with your residential or commercial projects to ensure they are designed, constructed and made to your specifications.

Why Use Concrete?

Concrete is a great alternative to natural products such as granite, wood and stone while also being affordable.  Concrete is also highly versatile, allowing it to be customized and virtually limitless in terms of creative forms and what it can be used to develop.

Let’s Meet!

We at Sauder Bros. want to collaborate with you and fully understand your needs so that we may construct the best designs that beat your expectations. Call or email us today for a quote or to share your ideas on what you want to design whether it be residential or commercial concrete projects.

We look forward to creating your next concrete project!