Decorative Concrete

Concrete has many features allowing it to be used both for residential and commercial projects.  Decorative concrete is used in both residential and commercial work because it has the ability to add fantastic aesthetic looks and enrichment to a structure while still serving its main purpose of being a countertop, sidewalk, wall, patio or driveway etc.

The process of converting concrete into the artistic and creative form of decorative concrete is accomplished by making use of various materials during the mixing and pouring of concrete. Some of the decorative features that are developed from this process are polished concrete, decorative walls, counter tops, concrete overlays etc. Decorative concrete can take on so many forms, so call Sauder Bros Concrete for help in designing something really creative and functional.

Decorative Concrete Stamping

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Stamped concrete is the method used to add texture and color to concrete so that it will look like some other feature or patterns such as bricks, cobblestones and stones etc. Decorative concrete stamping is great option for concrete décor because of the unlimited design arrangements, durability and cost effectiveness when compared to natural products. You will find stamped concrete finishes for both commercial roads, parking lots and sidewalks as well as for residential garages, patios and basements.

Types of Decorative Concrete Stamping

Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are added to weathered concrete surfaces, to give the look and feel of a new resurfaced finish by applying a thin cement coating. Concrete overlays are a great alternative to acrylic resins because they have great water resistance and bonding agent features offering a long-term, enduring resolution.

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Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is a fun, and decorative alternative to the boring gray concrete mix.  Colored concrete is made by adding colored powder, granules or liquids to the concrete mix, this colored powder transforms the grey concrete mix allowing for a variety of tones and colors to match your style and decor.

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Decorative Concrete Walls

Concrete walls do not have to be bland, they can be stained, stamped and colored just like any other concrete feature.  Concrete walls offer a great outside option, adding value and great looks to your home such as seat walls or concrete retaining walls that help to create different levels in your yard or garden by holding back the soil.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete has become a trendy and modern method used to alter the look of concrete. Staining concrete offers a distinctive and unique final result because it makes use of merging different techniques and coloring.

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